Ken Flett

the spaniard

alphonso samaniego hails from toro, spain. he was often scolded by his elders for having his head in the clouds and not paying enough attention to his studies. but alphonso had dreams- dreams of becoming a famous matador. he left home at an early age. although he never did become a matador, he has lived a rich life, traveling across spain on foot. in his youth, alphonso was known as a bit of a ladies' man, with his rugged charm and earthy scent. he has since become a bit more reserved. he believes he will soon meet the love of his life, and as he walks from village to village, this hope is always in the back of his mind. fashioned from vintage canvas, alphonso is dressed in pants (with just a hint of red flair), a shirt, a coat, and a pack to carry his old matador's cape. he is proudly anatomically correct. (approx eleven inches tall)

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