Ken Flett


Alexej Novak has a story like so many of us... he has worked hard in his life, raised a family, and knows there is nothing that is more important than his loved ones. a father of four, this cattle farmer had an accident over a decade ago that cost him his hand. he knows he is one piece of a whole, that his hands are intricately connected to the hands of his wife and his children. when people say, "you have only one hand! how sad!", his response is always the same: "no, you should be sad for those with only two hands... for i am blessed with eleven." a few years ago a perfect companion entered his life, his dog, who has proven to be a dog like none other. on days when he reminisces about his children being younger, his dog stays close by his side as they wander the hillsides. he has nothing more to ask for.

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