Ken Flett


This is Adelgonde de Vos, the Belgian. Adelgonde is actually a woman's name meaning "noble warrior". however, in sharp contrast to a certain boy named sue, adelgonde has not had any sort of identity crisis because of it. he is a man who knows who he is, and doesn't spend a lot of time wondering about it. nobody else does either. but you know how people can jump to conclusions- yes, he has a rough exterior, but adelgonde is wise, fair, observant, and loyal. he will stand up for those he loves, and add his weighty presence where it might tip the scales of justice in favour of those who need some help. a father of two children, eight and ten, adelgonde is devoted and present, and only speaks highly of their mother, although they are no longer together. adelgonde is approximately 12 inches tall, and comes with pants, shirt, vest, hat, knife, and knife holder.

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