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Is there a word for the naked notion of technique? The artist borrows the word "bricolage"- A bricoleur is a kind of handyman who enjoys adroitly drawing upon all sorts of everyday things - just what lies at hand - to attend to those things that make the good life.

Ken's bricolage starts with a photograph and builds upon it with instinctive subtlety. He affectionately chooses a photo of persons he cares about deeply. The developed enlargements are pieced together to form a whole, if fractured, image which is glued to canvas- This bare, broken first statement is richly enhanced by things which come to mind or lie at hand - a fragment of a letter, a photo from the past, a pressed flower, or by paintbrush, an echo of times past, a scent of endearment, a hint of hope, such stuff as dreams are made of- "Whatever it takes" says the artist, an intuitive bricoleur of the human mystery.

erotic art

Needle & Thread

Little Guys

When Crows Go Home (stop motion)

Shaping Stones, blog

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limb of desire

bear river






born of the wind




winter prince albert

Ne Me Quitte Pas

Belonging and Longing

Ken Flett : Armour

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Ken Flett
Bear River, Nova Scotia

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